Delicious Snacks


Fresh Squeezed Juices

Fresh squeezed Orange, carrot, apple or mixed.  Our Favorite- El Vampiro.


Chicharron con cueritos.

Chips locos. 


Ceviche - fresh Shrimp and crab meat ceviche with touch of lime juice, with side of crackers.

Fresas con Crema

Our Strawberries and cream are so delcious you be coming back for more. Fresh cut strawberries covered with our special Bionico topping and whip cream.

Angelitos VS Diablitos

Angelitos -a sweet Guava Raspado topped with our Rich creamy Bionico topping.

Diablito- Our mouth watering spicy, sweet and tangy Mango raspado topped with chamoy and spicy tamarind stick.

Our Food